Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day of Spring

We managed to take advantage of the nice weather today and made a trip out to Tamborine Mountain. It was one of the goals on our Winter List and though that's over, we wanted to go anyway.

It was a bit of a quick trip because Nathan didn't actually want to go.

By the time we arrived, it was almost lunch time so we pulled over by the side of the road to admire some scenery.

We took some pictures of the boys blocking the scenery.

Then we walked across the street to have lunch at the Bavarian Grill Haus.

Nathan helped me take a picture of some of their decor while we waited for the food to arrive.

I'm not normally a big fan of beer but I really like German wheat beer!

I think Andrew was quite satisfied with the huge amount of food that arrived.

After lunch, we stopped by the Cuckoo Clock Nest. It's a shop filled with hundreds of intricately designed cuckoo clocks. It was so neat to see.

And then bought some fudge and sugared almonds for the ride home.

Hello, Spring. We are so ready for you!

1 comment:

  1. wowsa that is a lot of food!!!
    and clocks!!!
    but mmmmmm nothing like a cold beer on a hot day!!!

    and now catching up on other blog posts (i am behind on my reading!!!)
    *well done on your winter goals...cant wait to see your spring ones!!!
    *love the melbourne shots....must go back there soon
    *ohhhhh i meet Amy yest...isnt she the best...and super the pic of you all
    *cute sport shots....he is doing so so well
    *and love that layout...go you!!!



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