Monday, October 1, 2012

Brisbane Festival 2012

We've spent quite a bit of time down at South Bank recently.

On Friday, we met up with some of Nathan's friends (read: 12 kids and 7 moms/nannies) for lunch and a play in the water park.

Nathan spent most of his time playing with a couple of his friends on the rocks beside the water, and Caleb spent most of his time closer to me playing on a splash pad. But later in the afternoon, they reunited.

Then on Saturday, we decided to brave the crowds and head back to South Bank for Riverfire. We knew it would be crazy but we figured it was one of those things we should check out while we're here.

We had our spot picked out and our mat laid down by 3pm and already the boys were getting restless with excitement.

Luckily, they settled in time for the first Super Hornet fly by.

The boys and I took a walk around and found that the Australian Defence Force had some military equipment on display in the Piazza. The boys hopped on a police motorcycle for a photo but decided that running around in the wide open space was much more fun than climbing into an armoured vehicle.

We got back to our spot in time to see the helicopters do their aerial display. At one point, they flew right beside the bridge. Can you imagine what an awesome view those people standing on the bridge must have had?

Caleb was in awe. His eyes were glued to the sky for the rest of the night. If he wasn't scouring the skies for a plane or helicopter, he was watching the tv camera, waving and giving it thumbs up every time it moved. He made it his duty; it was absolutely adorable.

The sun started setting and the lights inside the lanterns were turned on.

Soon enough, the sky was completely dark and it was time for the show to begin.

The Super Hornets came back with a streak of fire trailing behind them. I know it's hard to tell from my picture but that's what those bright dots are.

Then, the music came on, accompanied by the laser show...

... and the fireworks.

It was spectacular.

We started our school holidays with fireworks, so it's fitting that we also end our school holidays with fireworks.

We caught a glimpse of these lanterns on our way out. It was so beautiful.

With so many people present, we thought it would take forever to get home but I think it was actually faster getting home tonight. We got out of the parking lot and the streets were completely clear.

What a fantastic night.

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