Friday, November 9, 2012

Layout Process: Doilies and Pearls

I love seeing other people's creative processes, and seeing how things become the way they are.

I thought it'd be fun to document my own creative process as well, so here is a layout I made a little while ago.

Not all of my layouts come together easily and become something I really love, but sometimes they do, and this is one of them.

Somehow all of my wedding layouts have a bit of a vintage feel to them so that's how this one went as well. I started off with my base and sprinkled some ink in a diagonal line.

Then, I positioned a couple doilies.

I actually created the whole layout around these doilies because I've never used them before but I've seen so many gorgeous layouts using doilies so I really wanted to try them out.

I played with the positioning of a few key pieces: the photo, the shipping tag, the die cut circle and the badge. 

I couldn't work out how to get the shipping tag to go through my typewriter without getting stuck so I typed on some vellum and wrapped that around the shipping tag instead. 

Some washi tape was added under each key piece to help ground it a little and add some colour. And I love the look of the twine bow on the shipping tag. You can bet I'll be doing that more often!

And for some finishing touches, I used the rest of the doily that was cut to fill in some of the empty space (Yay! No waste!), added some butterflies punched out of white cardstock and vellum, and went to town with some half-pearls and gems.

This is definitely one of my more feminine layouts but I love it so much. And I can't get enough of those doilies and half-pearls!


  1. Gorgeous! I love seeing how others create. That journaling tag in the envelope is a beautiful detail.

  2. So beautiful! I love seeing how other people go about making layouts, TFS

  3. This is a gorgeous layout. I love the little off-cuts of doily filling up the white space! x



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