Monday, November 12, 2012

Term 4 Class Breakfast

Nathan was very excited to show us the work he's been doing this term when we visited his classroom for Class Breakfast last week.

I think he was a little offended that we thought all he did was plait at school. In our defence, all he ever brings home from school are his plaits, and whenever we ask him what he did at school, the only thing we're ever able to pry out of him is "plaiting". So really, what were we supposed to think?

Anyway, it turns out he's been working on a lot of maths and sciences this term.

He's continuing to practice his multiples.

He's looking at how liquid can take on different shapes.

He's learning about atoms.

And making them into different molecules.

It was so nice to see the different things he's worked on this term, and I'm so glad to know he hasn't just been plaiting all term. I think he purposely steered clear of plaiting that day.


  1. What cute photos! I love the one of him pouring liquids! My daughter mostly just tells us she's been playing all day at school but I know there's more to it than that! x

  2. Cute pictures. Great to scrap!



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