Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Me + My Boys : No School

Recently, I've seen a wave of blog posts from memory-keeping moms encouraging other moms to get out from behind the camera and get into the picture with our children.

We try so hard to capture the memories and take the perfect pictures, but those should include moms too, shouldn't they? Years from now, I'm sure that having a picture that captures my relationship with my boys will mean so much more than whatever excuse I try to use to stay out of it.

I'm going to try to take a picture with my boys at least once a month.

I'm not going to worry about how dishevelled my hair looks, how wrinkled my clothes are, or how messy the house is in the background. I'm not going to care if I look like I'm expecting another child (which I most certainly am not) or if the picture isn't completely straight.

We were all grateful for one more day together. The first day of school was cancelled due to fallen trees, loss of electricity and low water supply due to the storm and flood.

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