Thursday, January 3, 2013


On our way down to Sydney, we stopped in Port Macquarie for breakfast.

We sat Caleb in a high chair and it had a seatbelt!

For the non-parents, I should explain that most of the restaurant high chairs I've encountered either have no seat belt, or have seat belts that don't tighten (which is pretty much the same as having no seat belt, especially when Caleb is involved). A high chair without a seat belt is basically just a high place for your child to fall from.

Okay, a high chair with a seat belt isn't really that exciting, but this one had a five-point harness which is unheard of and, as Andrew pointed out, it looked like Caleb was wearing suspenders.

We happened to put a white collar shirt on Caleb after our swim at the beach. His highchair completed his outfit.

Just a dapper young fellow enjoying his drink.

Someone needs to get this kid a proper pair of suspenders to wear all the time!



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