Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Colour Book

At Nathan's school, students are allowed to choose the work they do. I've noticed that Nathan tends to gravitate towards writing and sometimes math but never any of the more artistic activities. After our afternoon of painting, I could see Nathan really enjoys art. To expose him to a bit more of it, and give him a better understanding of the basics of colour and texture, I created this quick little project for him.

I'm always so surprised when Nathan approaches these projects with so much enthusiasm. I thought he would get this project over with as fast as possible, but he actually took his time and put a lot of effort into each page.

School Holiday Project No. 1: The Colour Book

I had a general idea of what I wanted to cover in this project. I cut pieces of thick paper into rectangles, drew the foundations of each page and let Nathan do all the work while I explained what to do on each page.

I let him work on his title page. This part took a little longer than I thought it would, which is a really good thing because that meant Nathan was really getting into this project.

Then, we talked about primary colours.

We recently bought an optics set that came with these colour paddles. Nathan used those to figure out which colours combined to create the secondary colours.

He quickly coloured the rainbow colour wheel and then spent a lot of time decorating the 'warm and cool' page with patterns using the different types of colour.

We took a quick look at different textures and finished the project before he got bored.


Nathan stapled it together the way he wanted and that was it! His very own colour book.


  1. Great job! Also liked C's face at the back, like "I'm-up-to-something".. lol.. And did he just spell "Colors" with a U? You can't go back to Canada now.. lol..

  2. i love it
    so crafty
    and yeah whats going on in the background!!!
    look at that face!!!!

    and post below....
    *earl grey ice cream!! !interesting!!!



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