Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Layouts: Real Life, Right Now

Here's another layout of just Andrew and I from a few years ago. This was taken on Nathan's fourth birthday at Disney. This is what we look like from his point of view. 

I'm really liking the layered look right now and I figure the only way I can get better at it is if I practice. It takes me way longer than anyone in the videos I've been watching but it's such a fun process, I really don't mind. Plus, it's helping me use up some of my stash! I'm really hoping to make some space for the new product that's coming out.

I've been wanting to get into the habit of documenting things that I like, or do, right now. It's amazing how much the things I enjoy change over short amounts of time, and how quickly I forget about them. And another thing I wanted to try was putting together a layout using little bits and pieces. It's almost like one of those I Spy photos.

Thanks to all the NSD challenges for helping me cross some things off my scrapbooking to-do list, and thank you for looking!

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