Monday, May 6, 2013

This Past Weekend

After Nathan's soccer game on Saturday, we met up with a friend and her friend who's visiting from Vancouver and drove down to Byron Bay.

It's been a little while since our last visit. This was our first time making the trip with Caleb since potty training him. It took us a little while to get there because of the extra potty breaks we had to take (and it wasn't just him who had to go!) but we made it without any accidents.

We had a close call on the way, but I jumped out of the car as soon as Andrew pulled into a spot, grabbed Caleb and ran for the washroom. We may have celebrated a little in there before we came back out.

A little while later, we arrived at Byron Bay. Each and every time we visit, it blows my mind how gorgeous it is there. We really lucked out because it was hot the day we went; warm enough to go into the water with the boys.

I forget how big the waves get as the sun sets. I love watching the huge waves come crashing in onto the beach.

And right before the sun set, we packed the car and raced up towards the lighthouse to catch the last glimpse of the sun before it disappeared.

Can you believe how much the boys have grown since our first visit to Byron?

On Sunday, I brought the boys to the park where Caleb's little friend had her birthday party and the boys played all afternoon while Andrew studied at home.

I love weekends like this.


  1. Ahh! Nathan is a whole head taller since the last visit to Byron!! He's growing too fast!!



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