Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm finally getting a chance to scrap some of the photos that have been sitting in my drawer since... well, a year ago!

Here's Nathan and one of our friends' daughters playing Bananagrams. After watching the adults and older kids play Bananagrams all long weekend, these two budding spellers finally got the chance to play while the rest of us packed the cars.

It was a quiet, non-competitive game. Actually, I think they were just trying to spell as many words as they could with their own pile of letters. I thought it was a nice little moment to document, especially since Nathan was just starting to really develop his spelling around then.

Here's a closer look:

I'm fascinated by the whole layered effect and I'm working on developing this "skill" for myself. The stars were a last-minute addition. I had dumped them out for another project and these ones just happened to land on this layout and I liked how it looked so I spread them out and adhered them. I think it finishes the page.

Journaling is tucked under the photo on that tag because I couldn't figure out where to place my writing and I like how simple it looks. To me, the picture tells the whole story.



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