Monday, June 24, 2013

Farewell Gifts

We've had to do a couple farewell gifts recently. It makes me a little sad because in less than two years, it's probably going to be us being sent off.

Anyway, I have a hard time coming up with farewell gifts but this time around, my scrap stash saved the day. I ended up doing a couple of books for the people leaving.

The first one was for a friend from church - her family had to move back to Christchurch quite suddenly. She was in my Bible study group and together, we filled a little daybook with photos of us and messages to her. 

I ended up just decorating the front cover as everyone's personal messages filled the inside pages.

The second gift ended up being a notebook. This was a gift for Nathan's first teacher here in Brisbane - her family is leaving for a round-the-world trip!

I bought a notebook from Kikki.K but I wasn't completely in love with the front cover so I covered it.

I cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the front cover - I wanted it to have a nice crisp black border. Once I arranged the strips of paper (all cut from the same paper) so that it fit nicely, I stuck them down and trimmed the edges.

I adhered that whole piece to the cover with modpodge, making sure not to touch the thin border.  Here's how it turned out:

Then, I took my pink crop-a-dile and punched out holes, using the holes on the cover as a guide and slipped it back into the binding.

My original plan was to make something to encompass the entire front and back covers but when I saw this little quote on the inside, I didn't want to cover it. And you'll notice the slim black border around this inside cover - I wanted to mimic that on the front.

I added a little embellishment using a bunch of travel-themed products and left the rest of the pages blank for her to fill in as they travel around the world.

Thank goodness for all the travel/adventure-themed products in my stash!


  1. what thoughtful gifts, love how you created the cover page of the second book!

  2. Very pretty... Love the inside page of the second book.



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