Wednesday, July 10, 2013

School Holidays

One of the best things about our school is that our school holidays are always one week off from the state schools. That means for one week, we get all the popular children's areas all to ourselves.

Like the park, for instance.

The paths were clear so I didn't have to worry about anyone running across Caleb's path and knocking him over.

There was no one at the flying fox. Since Caleb loves swings so much, I thought he might like this - I was extremely careful with him, especially at the end when it bumps and swings the rider into the air. I made sure he was holding on as tight as he could and I was right beside him, ready to catch him in case he wasn't strong enough.

But of course, he was and he insisted on riding it again and again for the rest of the afternoon. The rest of the kids we went with joined in as well.

The big boys divided their time between riding their scooters full speed (and not having to worry about avoiding other people)...

And climbing to the very top of this structure. I loved that there were only one or two other children climbing this because one of my very worst fears is someone knocking someone else off this thing.

The little kids joined in on the climbing, staying in this little enclosure. They didn't get in anyone's way and they didn't get knocked off.

Best of all, even when they did have to line up, the wait wasn't very long. And while they were waiting, they were cheering for their friends.

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