Thursday, July 11, 2013

They're Here!

My parents and my sister arrived from Hong Kong this morning.

I'm so glad today was such a sunny day, because yesterday was cold and wet, and that wouldn't have been a very nice way to welcome them to Brisbane.

In-car selfie! How many heads can we fit into the picture? Clearly influenced by their memory-keeping mom, my boys know when to look at a camera and smile.

Yee yee (auntie) time wouldn't be complete without a bit of fun and silliness. "Get in your box!" Nathan yelled and they all scrambled into a space. Then I rearranged them for a nice little traffic light-inspired photo.

And thank goodness for my sister who doesn't mind running with Nathan who's way too fast for Caleb and I to keep up with now.

We're all so excited for them to be here.

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