Monday, August 12, 2013

Around Here

It was a big, emotional weekend for the boys. Somehow, a month had come and gone and it was time for our family to head home. 

We made the most of their last day here. First thing in the morning, we watched Nathan's soccer game (by chance, he was rostered to play the full first half and rotated on for the second half) where they won 8-0.

Then, while we waited for Andrew to come back from music practice, we went to the Rocklea markets. It's been a long time since our first trip to these markets. I had forgotten how packed it gets, and how cheap some of the produce can be. It's no wonder that some people do their weekly groceries here.

I let the boys buy a bunch of flowers "for yee yee".  Nathan held the flowers, Caleb held the money.

The boys got a little tired of waiting while my sister picked mushrooms for our pizza so they found a little spot among the boxes to chill in.

And on the way to our car, I spotted this bright VW Kombi. Can't leave without taking a picture with one of those! I need to start a photo collection of these cute vehicles before I leave this country.

I added our new bunch of gerberas to the vase holding the ones we got from West End last weekend. I'm glad we'll have this beautiful bouquet to remind us of our family's visit for a little while longer.

My dad started one last soccer game with the boys. There was a lot of running around and kicking, with intermittent jumps on the trampoline.

After a homemade pizza dinner, it was time for them to head to the airport. They left first to return their rental car, and even then, Caleb couldn't stop saying bye to them. He stood in the driveway saying bye over and over.

We had a little more time to hang out at the airport but it was getting late and we had to bring the boys home to bed, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

That night, both the boys ended up in our bed. Caleb hasn't been himself lately, probably coming down with something, and Nathan was just too sad to sleep in his own bed. He came over multiple times saying he missed my family too much to sleep, so he ended up staying with us as well.

Unfortunately for me, the three other members of my family are very sound sleepers while I am not. Boo.

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  1. love that picture of the boys sleeping



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