Wednesday, August 14, 2013

EKKA 2013

When we'd first heard of Ekka, Andrew and I weren't big on the idea but we knew it would be one of those things we had to do before we left Brisbane, just to say we did it.

I'm not a big fan of being in small, crowded spaces and paying obscene amounts of money for junk food and trinkets so we put it off our first two years here. But this year, Nathan kept asking to go so we decided this was our year.

Motorcycle Show with Jack Field and Lewis Nolan (pic).
Love Boat by LEGO certified Professional, "The Brickman" Ryan McNaught.
Domo did not appreciate this photo op.
This angry bird wanted to be part of it, though!
Cowboy + horse from Rooftop Express.
I spy a cow standing on top of a trailer.
Angry faces. 
Fireworks and laser show.
A strawberry sundae to finish off our day at Ekka.

It was a very long day but we made it out alive. 

The boys each have a stuffed animal to remember Ekka by, and as long as Andrew never tells me how much we spent there, it'll be a good memory for all of us for years to come.

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