Monday, October 21, 2013

Bringing the Succulents Inside

When I picked out these three succulent plants on Mother's Day this year, I was hoping they would add some life to our overly minimalistic home decor. The man who sold them to us reassured me that succulents were easy to care for and actually preferred to be neglected. 

A few months later, they were starting to appear, well, neglected. This was not exactly the look I had in mind and it definitely didn't create feelings of life and energy. It actually did the opposite. 

I knew they needed some TLC but I didn't have anything to replant them in so I left them alone and the continued to grow.

Then, a couple weeks ago, while having brunch at a local restaurant, I spotted a big, red "SALE" sign in the window of the home decor store next door. We popped inside and I exercised an enormous amount of restraint to walk out with only enough for what we needed.

After an afternoon of repotting, my plants looked happier and I could finally bring them inside to fulfill their original purpose. 

Much better. Now that's the look I was going for - calming and alive.

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