Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 13

Week of: March 24 - March 30

What happened this week: We officially put our foot down and started potty training with Caleb this week, and Nathan turned 7 right in the middle of this week so a couple of really important milestones were documented in this spread.

I created the title card for this week way before I actually began working on it so it seems a little out of place, but it also works because the rainbow of fruit in the opposite corner sort of matches the rainbow of mist.

The right side is almost completely devoted to Nathan's birthday celebrations. I've included inserts for his classroom celebration, Andrew's surprise for Nathan, our gift to him, our home celebration and a 3x4 card with Nathan's writing that reads, "Yes, I'm finally seven". He had been counting down since he was six and a half so I figured that was worth capturing.

I inadvertently created a visual triangle with circular elements on this side. I don't normally like using too many flairs as it adds quite a bit of bulk but this week got two.

This side features a bit of clustering on three of the four 4x6 inserts. I left the photo of Nathan and his cake empty because that morning was just so calm and quiet, I wanted the photo to remain that way.

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