Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art Fest 2013

For two days, the hall at our boys' school was turned into an art gallery. 

It was absolutely jam-packed with paintings, sculptures and creations from the students, as well as paintings from local artists.

Each class came together and created a piece to be auctioned off. Nathan's class' contribution was a giant piece of bark that someone had found. They painted the inside of it and propped it up with a stand. It turned out really fantastic and if we had a more permanent home here, I would have placed a bid for it.

Caleb's class took one week to complete their piece. The children usually attend once a week so Caleb's teacher planned for one part to be added to the picture each day. Caleb helped to paint the grass on the first day.

The students were also invited to submit individual/group pieces for display. Nathan and his friends made this dragon drawing and a medieval castle.

The hall was filled with so much colour, imagination and creativity. It was so beautiful to be able to walk around and take it all in.

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