Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween didn't quite happen in the Tsoi household this year.

We didn't decorate, didn't hand out candy and didn't go trick or treating. However, we did make it to our friends' annual Halloween party and that was a blast. It was a mad scramble to get costumes for the boys. I had envisioned hand making costumes again like last year but with all my time being taken up with Art Fest preparations it just didn't happen.

Caleb wanted to be Robin. He ended up being a monster. Nathan wanted to be Green Lantern. He ended up being a Ninja Turtle who was a couple sizes too small.

I didn't even remember to take proper photos of the boys that night. But I couldn't let my lack of effort be forgotten so I made the boys get dressed up again on the 1st of November just to take a couple photos (thanks for the reminder, Jasmine).


  1. Love that last picture of the boys

  2. This is the best thing ever! Hahaha! Thank you for posting these! I love what they ended up with... and their faces/poses! BEST KIDS EVER. Miss you guys!



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