Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 15

Week of: April 7 - April 13

What happened this week: This was the first week of school holidays.

A lot of random things happened around the house early this week. Nathan discovered that origami wasn't as uninteresting as he first thought, especially when he discovered he could make ninja stars! Caleb continued his love affair with puzzles and also built me a butterfly using Jenga blocks which he was extremely proud of.

The second half of the week, we spent some time outside the house on three separate play dates and a trip to the mall. Since it was pretty quiet, I sent Nathan into the store to buy baos for Caleb and himself. I love these real life lessons we get to experience during school holidays.

I used a folded journaling card to hide the rather disturbing details of something that happened to me one afternoon. It wasn't actually that bad, I just didn't think it was particularly nice to have a photo of poo* in the middle of my spread, especially next to my tea.

Using the Studio Calico journaling cards was quite satisfying this week as it fit with the purpose of each slot so nicely. It made finishing off this spread super easy.

*We're documenting real life here. It's bound to happen.

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