Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nathan's Rockin' Party

I have to admit, I didn't put a whole lot of effort into planning this party until the last minute, and when I did, I resorted to borrowing ideas from Pinterest. For example, our party bags were based on what this mom did for her child.

The problem with using ideas from Pinterest is that when it links to an American site, it usually means I'll have a really tough time sourcing the items they used. In this case, I scoured all the stores I could think of for a black mesh bag. In the end, I bought kids' reflective kits just because of the bag it came in. I figured we could also include those as part of the party bag. 

We added some poppers, pop rocks, a carabiner and a figure-8 rope bracelet to complete the bag.

I got Nathan to make a little base camp sign. I thought it was a cute touch even though he didn't really love it. We kept the snacks simple this year (fruit, chips and brigadiero from our friends), started off the party with ice cream cake and turned the boys loose.

We are so happy Nathan had a good time because this was his first time rock climbing and he was great.

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