Thursday, July 24, 2014

Straddie Day 4: Blue Lake, Brown Lake, Dunwich, Amity

The last piece of the night sky was fading away as we walked out along Main Beach in search of another sunrise. The night before, we had come to the exact same spot to see the stars. It was cold and damp from the rain earlier in the day, but save for a dimly glowing light behind us, there was nothing to hinder our view of the entire Milky Way spread across the sky over us. It was magnificent. I wish I knew how to work my camera well enough to photograph it but for now, it'll just be a memory in my mind.

We walked out to the edge of the rock we stood on but just past the South Gorge, the other giant rock stood between us and the sun, blocking our view.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, it lit Main Beach up beautifully. I had to stop and take a picture before we raced off to another spot for a better view.

This time, we brought our big camera but that didn't matter because both the boys wanted a turn using it. I think this trip was Caleb's first time seeing and really understanding that it was a camera because for the first little while, he was calling it "that thing". 

After, we packed up all our gear, said bye to our cozy cabin and headed away from Point Lookout towards the lakes. We started off with a brisk 6km hike to see Blue Lake. The boys did really well and on the way back to our car, Andrew found walking sticks for them to make the long walk more enjoyable. The lake was peaceful and secluded but we didn't get to see any wildlife. 

Our next stop was Brown Lake. This time, we only had to walk across the parking lot before we reached the sandy shores of the lake. We didn't stay for too long because it was lunch time, we were hungry from our morning hike and we didn't pack a lunch. 

We had lunch in Dunwich. The boys had their third day of ice cream treats. Nathan always orders his in a cup, and Caleb always orders his with a cone.

Our last few hours on the island were spent drawing in the sand and swinging in a playground. It was nice to just hang out and have fun with the boys without worrying about what I had to do later. I loved the feeling of not having to go back to a to-do list.

We returned to Amity one last time to see if the dolphins would come back for a visit. We stayed until the sun went down and then gave up because it was getting cold and we had to drive back to Dunwich to catch our ferry back to Cleveland. I'm glad we could make the most of this short trip away. It didn't matter that our days were cold and sometimes rainy because we were all together.

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  1. It was so nice how C got to fall asleep under the stars, listening to the sound of the crashing waves - so peaceful :)



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