Saturday, July 5, 2014

Succulents: Let Them Grow

A little over a year ago, I brought home three succulent plants as a sort of Mother's Day gift to myself. Two of them were snacked on by an animal when I left them out overnight, and one grew long and lean - not an ideal figure for these succulents. 

One afternoon, I experimented with repotting and propagating the succulents and ended up replanting a couple to be indoor decor. Unfortunately, those and the little leaves I was propagating, got blown over in a storm when our friends plant-sat for us while we were on holidays. 

Now, I only have two of the three original plants and what remains of my Mother's Day gifts look nothing like the succulents I had brought home. I didn't know what to do with them anymore so for a while, they sat in my garage surviving on dust and car fumes. They started to wither away and eventually, I realized that even though they're said to thrive on neglect, they still needed the basic necessities of life - sunshine, fresh air and water. 

I moved them out to the pathway beside my laundry room. I still didn't know how to "fix" them but I figured these plants survive and multiply effortlessly in nature so the best thing I could do was just leave them alone so they could heal themselves and grow again. 

Recently, I cleared out some of the original, dried-up stump to give the new plants more space to grow. For now, they're sitting in a pretty shaded area, getting the occasional watering when it rains.

For a long time, this plant was growing long and stringy. You can still see evidence of that. But after a few months of being left alone, started growing in tight bunches again.

I've cleared out some of the dried stems and tucked the hanging parts back into the pot. You can see lots of bright pink roots sprouting out from this plant and I'm excited to see what happens next.

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