Friday, October 3, 2014

Live Brave | October

In September, I managed to get a block schedule going which worked well for me up until school holidays started, which ended up being most of September. However, I plan on getting back on track once the boys go back to school. It's a great way for me to focus my time on one thing at a time. 

We survived the 10 days Andrew was away and I managed to up my water intake a little but it still wasn't enough. 

For October, I want to...

Go to an Instameet. There happens to be one in South Bank this weekend. Although going to meet a bunch of random strangers is way out of my comfort zone, I think it'll be fun and hopefully inspirational.

Organize our photos. I currently have over 30 000 photos and videos on my computer that needs to be culled and organize. It's the most tedious job but it needs to be done.

Make healthy smoothies. I have an irrational fear of blending up a bunch of fruits and vegetables to consume in liquid form because what if I don't like how it tastes? Then what will I do with it? I hate waste. The added challenge is finding ingredients to use that I'm not allergic to and won't cost me a fortune because berries cost around $7 for a tiny container here and how much do you need for a smoothie? Help.

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