Friday, March 6, 2015

December Daily 2014 | Day 21 - 25

The next few photos will look pretty similar because I inadvertently included three small inserts in a row. They all happen to be about the same size so they hide behind each other which I like, but I don't. I like it because it doesn't look cluttered, but at the same time I wanted there to be some variation in sizes of the inserts I put in and for those three days, it's like you're looking at the same pages over and over again.

I briefly contemplated adding some text, even if it was just one word, to the 4x6 photo but I decided against it. There wasn't much to say. I was just waiting for the boys as they played in the water.

The second 4x6 insert is a postcard I found at The Pancake Manor. I thought it was so funny and there was just enough space to include a short story on the back of it. The final small insert was our Family Pass for the Sciencentre.

There were so many interactive exhibits and I snapped so many photos of the boys it was hard to choose which photos and stories to include but in the end, I kept it to these two photos of the boys taking turns being giants. The human body exhibit is represented by the green activity sheets.

We didn't end up filling out these sheets but on the back I had the boys draw pictures of themselves when we got home. And of course, I have to show you each of the boys' drawings of themselves or it wouldn't be fair. This one is Caleb's:

And here is Nathan's:

The Christmas-related festivities continued on the twenty-fourth. We baked gingerbread cookies in the morning, decorated them later on in the afternoon and snapped a family photo in the evening. I didn't have anything to put on the back of this photo so instead of using a pocket page, I glued the photo together on a piece of card stock. You can see the seam in the middle but at least our body parts match up! Not bad for a makeshift 6x8 photo.

On the back, I just adhered that gorgeously letterpress card with Kal Barteski's script in gold foil. Our Christmas Day was pretty busy but still low-key. I attached some journaling behind the "Let the good times roll" card with that star paperclip. I like how it mimics the photo of our Christmas tree just above it.

I included all of our Christmas cards in a 6x8 pocket with a clip at the top to keep them all from falling out. It was nice to have a place to keep all our Christmas cards for once!

I was going to try to finish off the album with this post but it's gotten quite long already so I'll share the last of it tomorrow.

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